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Ronnie Urini

Ronnie Urini , real name Ronald Frederic Iraschek , today Ronnie Rocket (born March 3, 1956 in Krems an der Donau ) is an Austrian musician , composer and songwriter. He studied German, English and astrophysics.


Ronnie Urini has become popular through multiple covers such as "Frozen Seas of Io" or "Nobody helps me", for which the band Willi Warma originally set a text by the writer Konrad Bayer ( Viennese group ) to music.

He also set HC Artmann's "Thousand and One Nights" to music . He shaped the Austrian music scene in the 80s with his underground and avant-garde numbers, for which he also shot the first video clips , apart from the few very well-known musicians such as B. Wolfgang Ambros or Georg Danzer .

Music projects

His first band, The Vogue , for which he was the drummer, anticipated the sixties revival and Brit-Pop in Austria. However, due to a legal dispute, the first album was crushed, and a few copies achieve top prices on the collector's market. The album was re-pressed with two swapped numbers and is now a cult.

Since 1978 he has been active in various alternative and underground bands (including Kleenex Aktiv , Ronnie Urini & die last Poeten , Ronnie Urini & Venus ).

His current band is called Ultraviolet (founded in 2005). In addition to singer and songwriter Ronnie "Rocket", as he calls himself at the moment, the members are Michael Weidenauer (guitar), Benjamin Barnay (bass) and Thomas Neumann (drums).

He has written about 200 songs and worked with a number of musicians, including: Hans Platzgumer , Mars Bonfire (member of Steppenwolf and author of " Born to Be Wild "), Chet Baker , Marianne Faithfull , Astrud Gilberto and Nancy Sinatra .

Together with the First Vienna Home Organ Orchestra , he played his Konrad Bayer hit "Nobody helps me" in 2009 and was a juror at the pre-final of the protest song contest in 2010 .


Urini appears day and night with large Ray-Ban optical sunglasses and has built a myth around his figure through the inextricable mixture of truth and fiction.

He is considered a great storyteller who has created an authentic figure from rock 'n' roll myths, experiences from his stays in the USA and local stories from the subcultural scenes of Vienna and the surrounding area.

He always reinterprets his own songs and uses German parts of words in well-known English hits like "Summer Wine". His performances are often wild and are known for the fact that he comes into direct contact with the audience, and that he also engages in verbal duels. In addition to his own projects, Urini also wrote songs for other performers, some of them far removed from his own genre. For example, he was co-author of the Rucki Zucki Palm Combo on "Südseeträume".


  • A Doll Spits Cubes (The Vogue, 1981, withdrawn)
  • Smoke Gets in My Mind (Re-pressed, 1982, The Vogue)
  • From the cellars of the night (with the second group: The Last Poets)
  • Heavy Metal Thunder (with The Wild Bunch, tour through USA and Europe with Mars Bonfire)
  • Child of Sunrise, Creature of the Moon (with The Last Poets)
  • Bats - The True Story of Rock N Roll (cover versions by Lee Hazlewood, Lou Reed, Sky Saxon, ...)
  • Decade of Decay
  • Ronnie Urini Life from New York
  • Ronnie Rocket & The Mirror Shades - Cyber ​​Punk Solution (1992)
  • Bombshell from Hell (EP)
  • Ultraviolet (concept album, only circulated on tapes)
  • Cyberella-Bar Vol.1, the Cosmical (Ronnie Rocket Urini & Gudrun Rubini 2000)
  • Fire Waves (Ronnie Rocket Urini & The Subcandies)


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