Red New Zealanders

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Red New Zealander
Red New Zealanders
Red New Zealander mother with boy

The Red New Zealander is a medium-sized, conspicuously blocky, bright red-yellow colored rabbit breed , weighing about 4–5 kg. It is a yellow deer-colored rabbit with a pronounced effect of yellow enhancers. The corresponding hereditary formulas are:
AbCDGy1y2 ... (German symbols) or ABCDe (English symbols)

The same color can be found in the red colored dwarfs and in the Sachsengold .

History of the Red New Zealander

The New Zealand red rabbit was not bred in New Zealand , as its name suggests, but was bred in California around 1910, presumably using rabbits and giant rabbits . In the literature (Sandford) there is also the theory that yellow deer-colored rabbits imported from New Zealand may have been involved in the outbringing of the breed. In America, the Red New Zealander was bred as a farm rabbit and should produce excellent fattening performance. For this reason it was imported into Europe relatively quickly, as early as 1916 to England , 1927 to the Netherlands and around 1930 to Germany . The high expectations that were placed on the performance of the breed were not fully met, even if the Red New Zealander is a decidedly economic breed. The Red New Zealander is a very popular breed in Germany today and is shown regularly at exhibitions.

Similar races

The Sachsengold rabbit has a similar coat color, but is significantly smaller at 2.75 kg, see there for other red-yellow rabbit breeds.

The Burgundy rabbit is a yellow, wild-colored rabbit similar in size to the Red New Zealander, but much lighter and less blocky in body.

In addition to the Red New Zealander, there is also the White New Zealander , an albino animal , in Germany .

The Black New Zealander is solid black, according to his name.

These rabbit breeds are not a breed of color, but an independent breed with a distinctly blocky build.


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