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Rotgießer or Apengießer is the name of a profession to be assigned to the foundry industry , which was particularly important in the 18th century. The handicraft tradition of the medieval basin workers was continued in it. According to today's diction, one can speak of heavy metal founders.

Gunsmiths use an alloy , the main components of which are copper and tin ( gunmetal ), to produce a wide variety of castings, such as statues , candlesticks , grave slabs , baptismal fonts and others. Until very recently Rotgießer are usually also yellow jug , the (yellow) of copper-zinc alloys ( brass finished) utility and decorative items.

Especially in late medieval Nuremberg , the trade was very diverse, here there were specialists for creating alloys, for melting and casting, for shaping and manufacturing, as well as workshops specializing in certain parts, such as those of the weight makers , piece casters , bell foundries , Tenon casters , tap casters , roll makers and brass turners .