Rudderow class

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Rudderow class
Rudderow (DE-224)
Type: Escort destroyer
Surname: Rudderow
Units: 22 built
Technical specifications
Displacement: 1,740 tons
1,770 tons fully loaded
Length: 93.2 m
Width: 11.1 m
Draft: 3.6 m fully loaded
Drive: Two boilers, two General Electric steam turbines that operated on two electric drive motors with 12,000 hp on two shafts
Speed: 24  knots
Range: 5050 nautical miles at 12 knots
Crew: 12 officers
192 ranks
  • 2 × 12.7 cm L / 38 MK-30 guns in single mounts
  • 4 × 40 mm flak in two double mounts
  • 10 × 20-mm-L / 70-MK-4-Fla- MK in single installation
  • 3 × 53.3 cm torpedo tube in a triplet set
  • 2 × depth charges at the stern
  • 8 × depth charges, 4 on each side
  • 1 × hedgehog

The destroyer escort of Rudderow class were made between 1943 and 1945 put into service. 22 units of this class were completed and used as escort destroyers. The majority of the planned units were too fast transporters of Crosley-class rebuilt and re-classified as APDs. Other units were canceled or no longer completed towards the end of the war.

Rudderow- class destroyer escorts were built and used for convoy escort service. Their main task was to repel submarine attacks and, if possible, destroy one or more submarines. The lead ship of this class was the USS Rudderow (DE-224) .

Hull numbers

A total of 22 Rudderow- class ships were built. The ships were built in series, with these being delivered to the US Navy in four blocks . The following table illustrates this procedure.

From To
DE-224 DE-225
DE-230 DE-231
DE-579 DE-589
DE-684 DE-686
DE-706 DE-709

Notes on ships of this class

The ships of the Rudderow- class were very similar to the escort destroyers of the Buckley-class : same hull and machinery. The main difference was the changed artillery , two 12.7 cm guns instead of 7.62 cm guns and two twin 4 cm anti-aircraft guns instead of one twin 4 cm anti-aircraft gun or one 2.7 cm - Quadruple anti-aircraft gun.

After the Second World War , most of the units were given to Taiwan , South Korea , Chile , Mexico and other states. The remaining units remained in the US Navy's reserve fleet until they were decommissioned.

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