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New Zealand Mainland Air's scenic flight aircraft in action over Dunedin

A flight is characterized by the fact that no transport is (takeoff and landing to another location purpose of the flight airfield is usually the same), but the flight as such, for example, for the purpose of immediate view of a specific area of the earth's surface consisting of Bird's eye view . In contrast to a flight demonstration, the sightseeing flight serves the occupant (s) of the respective aircraft for the above-mentioned purpose.

Sightseeing flights are often offered at air shows or for tourist purposes and usually last no longer than 1 to 2 hours.

The first sightseeing flight, the circumnavigation of the Eiffel Tower , was made by Alberto Santos-Dumont on October 19, 1901 in an airship. In doing so, he won the German Prize, which was suspended for this, with prize money of 100,000 francs, which he donated to the workers and beggars in Paris .

Commercial sightseeing flights

Sightseeing flights, which are operated by companies for a fixed price, are subject to certain legal conditions that are intended to ensure safe and standardized flight operations. Commercial sightseeing flights are always carried out by professional pilots who are registered with an airline company (Aircraft Operators Certificate / AOC). Here the pilots have to provide evidence of their health on a regular basis, which is checked at least once a year by an aviation doctor. The intervals depend on the age and decrease with increasing age (aviation certificate) . At the same time, the flying skills are ensured every six months for the so-called line check flights (LPC) and operators proficiency check flights (OPC). In addition to the established maintenance standards, the aircraft used is checked at regular intervals by the ACAM (Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Monitoring) department of the Federal Aviation Office .

An exception in German aviation law is the sport pilot license (SPL) , which allows the commercial execution of sightseeing flights with air sports equipment even without the strict requirements of commercial aircraft, provided the license holder has a valid passenger authorization and a corresponding passenger insurance for commercial sightseeing flights.

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