Circuit racing

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According to the definition of the International Sports Act, a circuit race is a competition that takes place on a closed race track ( circuit ) between two or more automobiles driving on the same route at the same time, with the speed or the distance covered in a given time being decisive.

In order to achieve a fair and exciting competition, the starters in a race usually belong to the same vehicle class. In some races, such as one-make cups supported by automobile manufacturers, all participants start with identical vehicles. Mixed starter fields with different vehicle and displacement classes are also possible . On the other hand, combinations of two- and four-wheelers , and touring and formula cars are prohibited .

The holding of public circuit races has been prohibited by law in Switzerland since the accident at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1955 . a. with the exception of karts up to 250 cm³ displacement (see: Motorsport ban # Switzerland ) .

Individual evidence

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