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The Sächsische Volkszeitung was the only Catholic daily newspaper in Saxony . It was published from July 2, 1902 to May 31, 1941 . During the Weimar Republic, the Sächsische Volkszeitung was close to the Catholic Center Party of Saxony and was more or less an offshoot of their largest newspaper, Germania . During this time, Paul Hesslein was the main editor .

The Sächsische Volkszeitung had its own printing works, the Saxonia printing works in Dresden.

From 1927 the diocese of Meissen published the St. Bennoblatt once a week as a supplement to the Sächsische Volkszeitung. In the St. Bennoblatt mainly official notices of the episcopal ordinariate were published. The Sächsische Volkszeitung existed as a Christian weekly newspaper until 1941. In May of this year, the National Socialist authorities prohibited further publication. The official reason was the lack of paper due to the war. This wiped out the Catholic press in Saxony.

There was a fresh start in 1951 with the weekly newspaper Tag des Herr , which was published by several dioceses for the entire GDR (with the exception of the diocese of Berlin).

The communist Saxon People's Newspaper

Under the title Sächsische Volkszeitung , a newspaper of the KPD and SED appeared in 1945/46 , which later became part of the district organs Sächsische Zeitung and Free Press .

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