S-chug (sauce)

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Industrially manufactured Israeli s-chug

The S-chug ( Hebrew סחוג) or Saḥawiq ( Arabic سحوق, DMG Saḥawiq ) is a Yemeni seasoning sauce that is particularly widespread in Levantine and Middle Eastern cuisine. The S-chug came to Israel via Yemeni Jews , where it is particularly popular.

Depending on the recipe and method of preparation, the ingredients differ slightly from one another. The main ingredients are chillies , garlic , coriander and various spices . S-chug adom (Red S-chug) is made from red chillies and S-chug jarok (Green S-chug) from green chillies. A third variant, S-chug chum (Brown S-chug), consists of green chilies and tomatoes. What they all have in common is the pronounced sharpness.

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