SC National Chemnitz

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The SC National 1900 Chemnitz was a football club from the Saxon city of Chemnitz .

Club history and sporting career

National Chemnitz was founded on August 1, 1900 as the city's second football club after Chemnitz BC . The club colors were blue and black. National was home to the sports grounds on Annaberger Strasse , which is still used today by the former GDR league club Germania Chemnitz .

National played in the Gauliga Central Saxony , analogous to their urban rival Sturm Chemnitz . In 1920 the Altchemnitzer won the Central Saxon championship, which entitles them to participate in the Central German championship. Here National failed after a 1: 2 defeat against SV Dresden 06 in the first round.

With the introduction of the Gauliga Sachsen in 1933, the Chemnitz people were integrated into the second highest division due to previous placements. By 1945, he was relegated to the district class.


  • Winning the championship Gau Central Saxony: 1920