Salamander Point

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Salamander Point
Geographical location
Salamander Point (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands)
Salamander Point
Coordinates 59 ° 24 ′  S , 27 ° 5 ′  W Coordinates: 59 ° 24 ′  S , 27 ° 5 ′  W
location Bellingshausen Island ( South Sandwich Islands )
Waters Maurice Channel

The Salamander Point is the northern tip of the Bellingshausen Iceland in the archipelago of the South Sandwich Islands .

Scientists from the British Discovery Investigations they mapped and named the headland in 1930 as North Point ( English for northern tip ). In order to avoid confusion with the North Point of Signy Island in the archipelago of the South Orkney Islands , the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee decided in 1971 to rename it based on the name of the neighboring Basilisk Peak . It is named after the fire salamander , which, like the basilisk , was historically assumed to be able to survive in fire .

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