Salome (software)

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Post processing under Linux
Basic data

developer Open Cascade SAS
Current  version 9.3.0
(May 22, 2019)
operating system Unix , Linux , Windows
programming language C ++
category CAE , CAD , pre / post processing
License LGPL ( Free Software )
German speaking No

Salome is a free computer program that can be used to process three-dimensional activities in the CAE area. The area of ​​application is pre- and post-processing in numerical simulations such as FEM .

The software has among other things an interactive geometry - Editor .

Salome has interfaces such as STEP (AP203 / 214 scheme) , IGES (5.3) and BREP (an internal Open CASCADE format) for data exchange .

The program whose source code under the LGPL stands and is funded by the French government, runs on Linux - and UNIX - operating systems . Porting to Windows is also available. Together with Code Aster, Salome is a core component of CAE Linux.

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