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Salomon Ganzfried

Salomo (n) Ganzfried (also: Sch (e) lomo Ganzfried, Salomo ben Joseph Ganzfried ; * 1804 in Ungvár , Austrian Empire , †  July 30, 1886 in Ungvár, Austria-Hungary ) was an outstanding Talmudist , Hebrew grammarian , commentator on the Zohar , fierce opponent of Reform Judaism in Hungary , was best known as the author of the popular halachic work Kizzur Shulchan Aruch .


After the early death of his father (1812) he came to the yeshiva of H. Heller in Bonyhad , but then first became a merchant, in 1830 a rabbi in Bresowitz (Brezovica), in 1850 he became a member of the Bet-din under R. Meir Eisenstadt appointed and officiated until his death as a Dajan (judge) in his native city.

He first became known through his guide for Torah writers ( Kesset hassofer , 1st edition, Ofen 1834; also deals with Tefillin and Mesusoth ), which Moses Sofer added. Most popular was Ganzfried's excerpt from the Schulchan Aruch , edited in the manner of Chaje adam , under the title: Kizzur Schulchan Aruch ("short Sch. A."), a popular compendium, which is characterized by a clear structure, the simple language and the exclusive Treatment of common halachic issues of daily life. The book, first published in 1864, was reprinted in many editions and translated into several languages.

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  • Pne schlomoh (novellas on Baba mezia and Baba batra , Zolkiew 1846)
  • Torat sewach (on Schechita , 1st edition Lemberg 1848)
  • Lechem we simlah (on menstruation and the ritual bath , 1861)
  • Appirion (Homilies to the Pentateuch, 1st edition Ungvár 1864)
  • Ohole schem (on the orthography of Jewish names, Ungvár 1878)
  • Schem Schlomoh (novellas on various Talmudic treatises published by R. Solomon Benet in 1908)

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