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Samarpan (born August 27, 1941 in San Francisco as Sam Golden ) teaches in Germany as a Neo-Advaita master.


Samarpan grew up in a family shaped by religion and spirituality . At the age of 16 he attended a Catholic priests school, which he left to study psychology . He became a student of Osho and lived in Osho's community in Oregon.

After his death he met the North American advaita teacher Gangaji . Under her influence and that of the teachings of her masters Papaji and Ramana Maharshi , he realized his true nature, Samarpan said.


Since 1998 Samarpan has been giving satsang mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria . Samarpan accompanies people through their personal processes. Man is only a physical reflection of divine perfection, which is in no way diminished by its individual character. Feelings should be accepted as they are without evaluation. All emotions should be accepted without reservation without wanting to change, dramatize or erase them. In realizing that nothing is wrong, so Samarpan, one experiences peace regardless of all external circumstances.

There are no rules for the visitors of his satsangs. There are no memberships or fixed groups, the audience is not a community. Children are welcome, their parents are asked not to restrict their expression. The Satsangs with Samarpan take place on a donation basis, retreats with a fixed contribution and are basically bilingual (German / English) with live translation. In large cities, Samarpan fills halls with over a hundred people; a WDR broadcast in May 2005 attracted attention.

Since August 2008 all public satsangs - from 7.45 p.m. - can also be seen live on the Internet, see Samarpan's website and Jetzt-TV. Selected Satsang recordings can also be viewed under Jetzt-TV with the permission of the Satsang participants involved.

Online participation in retreats via live stream has also been possible since 2014 via Samarpan's website on some dates and at a slightly lower cost than the on-site contribution. In the spring of 2016, Samarpan held a so-called Home Online Retreat for the first time, which was very popular. At a Home Online Retreat, Samarpan gives two satsangs a day from home, in which he only answers questions over the Internet. Participation is also possible from home, alone or in groups.


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