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Gangaji (2002)

Gangaji (* 1942 as Antoinette Roberson Varner in Texas ) is a spiritual teacher and author .


In 1972 Gangaji moved to San Francisco with the intention of exploring deeper levels of her being. She took the bodhisattva vows , practiced Zen and Vipassana - meditation and helped run a Tibetan Buddhist meditation center. From 1981 to 1987 she practiced as an acupuncturist and worked in a clinic in San Francisco.

In 1990 she met HWL Poonja in India and, according to her own account, experienced spiritual enlightenment after the encounter , whereupon he sent her to the West as a teacher. Since then she has been considered one of the most famous western representatives of his teaching. From her, among other things were Samarpan , OM C. Parkin , Pyar Troll smoke , Vivek and Adima inspired.

Gangaji is married to Eli Jaxon-Bear . Both of them come to Germany and Switzerland regularly for seminars and retreats .


Like her teacher HWL Poonja , Gangaji emphasizes that humans are already free in their innermost being. In order to experience his essence, the self , he can ask himself who am I? put. This process is called self-exploration, atma vichara , and it is meant to lead not to an intellectual but to an intuitive understanding of the self. Here Gangaji follows both her own teacher and his teacher Ramana Maharshi . When the self is permanently realized it is called enlightenment . However, the pursuit of enlightenment, paradoxically, is an obstacle in itself, as it makes enlightenment, the self, an object. However, this is always present, the very subject, while enlightenment is a concept of the mind that must ultimately be given up. In her Satsangs , Gangaji instructs the visitors to experience feelings consciously in order to let them go in order to recognize the unchangeable being behind the feelings.

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