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Spoken in

Samoa , American Samoa , New Zealand , Australia , USA
speaker 370,000
Official status
Official language in SamoaSamoa Samoa American Samoa
Samoa AmericanAmerican Samoa 
Language codes
ISO 639 -1


ISO 639 -2


ISO 639-3


The Samoan language belongs to the Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family and, together with, for example, Tuvaluan , Tokelau and the languages ​​of numerous Polynesian exclaves, forms the subgroup Samoan languages . It is the official language in Samoa and American Samoa .

Phonetic system and pronunciation

The Samoan sound system contains 15 phonemes: the vowels / a, e, i, o, u / and the consonants / f, g, l, m, n, p, s, t, v, ʻ /. To indicate that a vowel should be pronounced long, a macron is placed over the vowel: ā, ē, ī, ō, ū. <H, k, r> are also used in foreign words. The sounds generally correspond to their German counterparts. Exceptions: g as expressed in ng sing [⁠ ŋ ⁠] . < '> Is the Glottisverschlusslaut [⁠ ʔ ⁠] and is expected as a separate consonant (called coma Liliu , "inverted commas"). Usually the penultimate syllable is stressed.

Language examples

Samoan German
Tālofa Good day
Tofa Goodbye
fa'afetai thank you
fa'amolemole Sorry
ʻIoe Yes
leai No
fanua earth
lagi sky
vai water
siamani Germany
afi Fire
tane man
fafine woman
ʻAi eat
inu drink
po night
fale House
ʻO ai lou igoa? What is your name?
ʻO loʻu igoa ʻo ... My name is ...
ʻO ā mai ʻoe? How are you?
E fia tau What does it cost?
leaga bad
Manuia lava, fa'afetai. Good thank you.
manuia Bottom up!
vai tale Cough Syrup
O zero
tasi one
lua two
tolu three
fa four
lima five
ono six
fitu seven
valu eight
iva nine
sefulu ten
sefulu (ma le) tasi eleven
sefulu (ma le) lua twelve
lua sefulu twenty
selau hundred
afe thousand

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