Stösitz Castle

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Stösitz Castle was the seat of the noble families von Miltitz , von Neitschütz and von Carlowitz . It was in Stösitz near Stauchitz and was demolished in 1949.


The castle was rebuilt after a fire from 1606 to 1621, but was later demolished and rebuilt. It was a stately two-storey building with seven axes and three projections on the front and five window axes on the. Between 1764 and 1766, Hans Adolf von Carlowitz built the castle that dominated Stösitz until it was demolished. He also connected the castle in a delightful way with a clever garden design with the nearby wood and thus created a park that was in line with contemporary tastes. In 1949 this castle was razed to the ground in the course of SMAD Order No. 209 .


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