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Coat of arms of the von Carlowitz family

Carlowitz is the name of an old Saxon noble family . The Lords of Carlowitz were originally vassals of the Burgraves of Dohna and belong to the Meissen nobility .


For the first time Otto von Karlwiz was in 1311 in a document of the burgrave Otto III. called by Donin . The lineage of the family begins in 1375 with Hans von Carlowitz , liege of the Burgraves of Dohna. In the Margraviate of Meißen and later Saxony, the von Carlowitz family had spread widely and acquired rich property. Over time, they received high offices as court and state officials from their sovereigns, but also from foreign princes. Georg von Carlowitz and his nephew Christoph von Carlowitz, as councilors of the Saxon dukes and electors, achieved particularly great influence in the 15th and 16th centuries . By Emperor Charles V Christoph von Carlowitz was on 13 January 1522 hereditary title of Erbvierritters of the Holy Roman Empire awarded. The last legitimate bearer of this title was Georg Anton von Carlowitz (1866–1945), royal Saxon colonel and knight of the Military Order of St. Henry . The von Carlowitz also held the office of the Saxon chief forestry officer for several generations.

The Saxon chief miner Hans Carl von Carlowitz was the first to coined the term sustainability in connection with forestry in his book Sylvicultura oeconomica in 1713 . In the 19th century, Hans Georg von Carlowitz , as royal Saxon minister, and his son Albert von Carlowitz played a decisive role in the further development of the German world of states and the establishment of the German Empire. Adolph von Carlowitz was Saxon Minister of War in 1914 and, as General of the Infantry, Commander-in-Chief of the 2nd Army during the First World War .

coat of arms

The family coat of arms shows three black clovers in the middle (in a ratio of 2: 1) connected to the stems. On the helmet there is a silver flight drawn like the shield . The helmet cover is also black and silver.

The motto of the family was: Invia virtuti nulla est via ( Latin - there is no impassable path for bravery).

Dominions and possessions (selection)

Kuckuckstein Castle in Liebstadt
Gut Heyda (
reacquired after 1990)

Known family members

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Individual evidence

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