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Badge of rank until 1945
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General der Infanterie denotes both a previous rank in the former German land forces and the position of the officer in the Bundeswehr responsible for issues relating to the training and equipment of the infantry.

Former service degree in land forces

General of Infantry (abbreviation d General. Inf. ) Was a rank in the former German land forces ( imperial army , Reichswehr and Wehrmacht ) and in the imperial army of Austria-Hungary (1908), and was in the German armies of regular third highest Generals -Rank after Field Marshal General and Colonel General . Cavalry officers were promoted accordingly to general of the cavalry , artillery officers to general of the artillery (cf. general of the branch of service ). In the Wehrmacht there were also the equivalent ranks of General of the Armored Force , General of the Pioneers , General of the Mountain Force and General of the Intelligence Force . In the Air Force, the corresponding rank could be General der Flieger. The rank was generally only used in the form of general , without specifying the type of troop of origin of the carrier.

Service position in the Bundeswehr

In the Bundeswehr , the position of the general of the infantry refers to the officer in the rank of brigadier general who is responsible for issues relating to troop training and equipment for the infantry . The position of general of the infantry has been linked to that of the commander of the infantry school in Hammelburg since 1995 .

Corresponding positions also exist for the other branches of the army and the armed forces base . Since this is a service position, sometimes a colonel instead of a general is the leading officer of the respective branch.

The current infantry general has been Brigadier General Michael Matz since March 21, 2019 .

Armed forces of other countries

In addition to the Austro-Hungarian army, the Russian armed forces also held the rank of general of the infantry until about 1918 (original name ru: Генерал от инфантерии).

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