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District of the state capital Dresden
Coordinates: 51 ° 8 ′ 58 ″  N , 13 ° 47 ′ 50 ″  E
Height : 195–215 m above sea level NN
Area : 2.2 km²
Incorporation : 1914
Incorporated into: Weixdorf , initially under the name Lausa
Postal code : 01108
Area code : 0351
Landkreis Bautzen Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge Landkreis Meißen Altfranken Altstadt I Altstadt II Blasewitz Borsberg Brabschütz Briesnitz Bühlau Coschütz Cossebaude Cotta Cunnersdorf Dobritz Dölzschen Dresdner Heide Eschdorf Friedrichstadt Gönnsdorf Gomlitz Gompitz Gorbitz Gostritz Großluga Kleinluga Großzschachwitz Gruna Helfenberg Hellerau Gittersee Hellerberge Hosterwitz Kaditz Kaitz Kauscha Kemnitz Kleinpestitz Kleinzschachwitz Klotzsche Krieschendorf Langebrück Laubegast Lausa Leuben Leubnitz-Neuostra Leuteritz Leutewitz Lockwitz Löbtau Loschwitz Malschendorf Marsdorf Merbitz Meußlitz Mickten Mobschatz Mockritz Naußlitz Neustadt Nickern Obergohlis Niedergohlis Niederpoyritz Niedersedlitz Niederwartha Oberpoyritz Oberwartha Ockerwitz Omsewitz Pappritz Pennrich Pieschen Pillnitz Plauen Podemus Prohlis Räcknitz Reick Reitzendorf Rennersdorf Rochwitz Roitzsch Rossendorf Roßthal Schönborn Schönfeld Schullwitz Seidnitz Söbrigen Sporbitz Steinbach Stetzsch Strehlen Striesen Tolkewitz Torna Trachau Trachenberge Übigau Unkersdorf Wachwitz Weißer Hirsch Weißig Weixdorf Wilschdorf Wölfnitz Zaschendorf Zöllmen Zschertnitz Zschierenmap
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Location of the Gomlitz district in Dresden

Gomlitz is a district in the north of the Saxon state capital Dresden , which has belonged to the municipality or locality Weixdorf since 1914 . The name is derived from Old Sorbian komon (German: horse) or gomola (hill).


The valley of the Schelsbach between Weixdorf and Gomlitz

Gomlitz is eleven kilometers north of Dresden city center, the inner old town , and is therefore already outside the Elbe valley , from the edge of which it is five kilometers away. Neighbor markings are Weixdorf in the south, Marsdorf in the west and Lausa in the east and north. The area of ​​Gomlitz is identical to the district of the same name and belongs to the village of Weixdorf , which also forms a statistical district of Dresden.

About the Gomlitzer hallway of the runs in a two-kilometer stretch north-east motorway interchange Dresden-Nord the A 4 . In addition, Gomlitz is only one kilometer away from the start of the runway of Dresden Airport and its location in its approach lane, one of the residential areas of Dresden most affected by aircraft noise.

The southern boundary of the district forms the wide valley of the Schelsbach , which flows into the Lausenbach in Lausa . The center of Gomlitz lies at an altitude of about 205  m above sea level. NN immediately northwest of the center of Weixdorf, which is on the other side of the Schelsbach. Only the south-eastern quarter of the district, which lies on a very dry and nutrient-poor sandy soil or early Pleistocene gravel, is built on. This rather loose development with a village and settlement character extends essentially along Radeburger Landstrasse , Alten Moritzburger Strasse and along the center of Altgomlitz .


Altgomlitz, the Gomlitz village center

The first documented settlement of the area around Gomlitz is attributed to the late Bronze Age and thus took place around 3000 years ago. The remains of a burial ground from this period were found in the property at Alte Moritzburger Straße 55. The graves are typically protected by slabs and stones.

Gomlitz itself was first mentioned in a document in 1378 under the name "Kom (e) nicz". The place name could be based on various names, including Old Sorbian “komon” (old horse), “Komonica” (settlement where a lot of sweet clover grows) or the Old Sorbian personal names “Koman” / “Komon” / “Choman” / “Chomon”. In the 15th and 16th centuries the place names Kommenicz, Konitz and Kommelitz are recorded one after the other. The place, which had a corridor , first appeared as Gomlitz around 1750. The town center, a typical alley village , has been preserved in parts to this day. Several quarry stone and half-timbered houses as well as old quarry stone walls stand here to this day. One of the oldest buildings is located at Alten Moritzburger Straße 7 and dates from 1763.

Throughout its history, Gomlitz was administratively part of the office or the administrative governing body of Dresden . In 1450 a Vorwerk was mentioned in Gomlitz and in 1547 a second. Around 1600 the village and its neighboring villages Weixdorf, Lausa and Hermsdorf were under the control of the von Zschieren family. From 1696 Gomlitz belonged to the Hermsdorf manor . The village was parish off to Lausa as early as 1539. Around 1900 it grew together with the directly adjacent center of Weixdorf and finally merged with it and Lausa in 1914 to form the municipality of Lausa , which was renamed Weixdorf in 1938. As part of this locality, Gomlitz was incorporated into Dresden on January 1, 1999.

Population development

year Residents
1547 13 possessed men , 2 outbuildings
1555 11 residents
1764 11 possessed men, 7 cottagers
1834 146
1871 227
1890 303
1910 534

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