Administrative Authority Dresden

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Administrative Authority Dresden
Basic data
District Headquarters Dresden
Administrative headquarters Dresden
surface 506 km² (1939)
population 148,490 (1939)
Population density 293 inhabitants / km² (1939)
Location of the administrative authorities in Dresden in 1905
Location of the administrative authorities in Dresden in 1905

The Amtshauptmannschaft Dresden was an administrative district in the Kingdom of Saxony and later in the Free State of Saxony . Today your area belongs to the city of Dresden as well as to the districts of Bautzen , Meißen and Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains . From 1880 to 1924 the Amtshauptmannschaft was divided into the Amtshauptmannschaft Dresden-Altstadt and the Amtshauptmannschaft Dresden-Neustadt . From 1939 to 1952 the administrative district was called Landkreis Dresden .


The Amtshauptmannschaft Dresden was formed in 1874 from the districts of the court offices Döhlen , Dresden , Moritzburg , Radeberg , Tharandt , Schönfeld and Wilsdruff . From 1879 to 1880 there was an official delegation in Döhlen. In 1880 the administrative authorities were divided into the administrative authorities Dresden-Altstadt and Dresden-Neustadt. The city of Dresden itself was " exemted " and not part of the official administration.

After numerous municipalities were incorporated into the city of Dresden in the first half of the 1920s, the scope of the two administrative authorities decreased significantly, which is why they were merged again in 1924. In 1924 the city of Freital became district-free and left the administration. Radebeul followed in 1935, which also became a district-free city.

The Dresden administrative authority belonged to the superordinate Dresden district authority and bordered the Großenhain administrative authority in the north, the Pirna administrative authority in the east, the Dippoldiswalde administrative authority in the south and the Meißen administrative authority in the west . In 1939 it was given the uniform imperial designation Landkreis . In 1946 Freital and Radebeul were reintegrated into the district, which continued to exist in the GDR until the territorial reform of 1952 and was then divided into the new districts of Dresden-Land , Bischofswerda and Freital in the Dresden district.



Official governors Dresden-Altstadt

Official governors of Dresden-Neustadt


Status: 1910

Administrative authority Dresden-Altstadt

  • Area: 235 km²
  • Resident population: 115,000 inhabitants

The districts to the left of the Elbe up to the border of the Amtshauptmannschaft Dippoldiswalde were part of the Dresden-Altstadt .

Administrative Authority Dresden-Neustadt

  • Area: 343 km²
  • Resident population: 124,000 inhabitants

The administrative authorities of Dresden-Neustadt included the towns on the right of the Elbe and the towns on the left, Blasewitz , Groß- and Kleindobritz , Gruna , Laubegast , Leuben , Seidnitz , Striesen and Tolkewitz .

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