Dresden-Land district

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Basic data (as of 1990)
Existing period: 1952-1990
District : Dresden
Administrative headquarters : Dresden
Area : 357 km²
Residents: 103,821 (Dec. 31, 1989)
Population density: 291 inhabitants per km²
License plate : R, Y (1953-1990)
Basic territorial key : 1204
Circle structure: 46 municipalities
Location of the district in the GDR
Kreis Rügen Kreis Bad Doberan Kreis Greifswald Greifswald Kreis Grevesmühlen Kreis Grimmen Kreis Ribnitz-Damgarten Kreis Rostock-Land Rostock Kreis Stralsund-Land Stralsund Kreis Wismar-Land Wismar Kreis Wolgast Kreis Güstrow Kreis Bützow Kreis Gadebusch Kreis Hagenow Kreis Ludwigslust Kreis Lübz Kreis Parchim Kreis Perleberg Kreis Schwerin-Land Schwerin Kreis Sternberg Kreis Anklam Kreis Altentreptow Kreis Demmin Kreis Malchin Kreis Neubrandenburg-Land Neubrandenburg Kreis Neustrelitz Kreis Pasewalk Kreis Prenzlau Kreis Röbel/Müritz Kreis Strasburg Kreis Templin Kreis Teterow Kreis Ueckermünde Kreis Waren Kreis Belzig Kreis Brandenburg-Land Brandenburg an der Havel Kreis Gransee Kreis Jüterbog Kreis Königs Wusterhausen Kreis Kyritz Kreis Luckenwalde Kreis Nauen Kreis Neuruppin Kreis Oranienburg Kreis Potsdam-Land Potsdam Kreis Pritzwalk Kreis Rathenow Kreis Wittstock Kreis Zossen Kreis Angermünde Kreis Bad Freienwalde Kreis Beeskow Kreis Bernau Kreis Eberswalde Kreis Eisenhüttenstadt-Land Eisenhüttenstadt Frankfurt (Oder) Kreis Fürstenwalde Schwedt/Oder Kreis Seelow Kreis Strausberg Kreis Bad Liebenwerda Kreis Calau Kreis Cottbus-Land Cottbus Kreis Finsterwalde Kreis Forst Kreis Guben Kreis Herzberg Kreis Hoyerswerda Kreis Jessen Kreis Luckau Kreis Lübben Kreis Senftenberg Kreis Spremberg Kreis Weißwasser Kreis Burg Kreis Gardelegen Kreis Genthin Kreis Halberstadt Kreis Haldensleben Kreis Havelberg Kreis Klötze Magdeburg Kreis Oschersleben Kreis Osterburg Kreis Salzwedel Kreis Schönebeck Kreis Staßfurt Kreis Stendal Kreis Wanzleben Kreis Wernigerode Kreis Wolmirstedt Kreis Zerbst Kreis Artern Kreis Aschersleben Kreis Bernburg Kreis Bitterfeld Dessau Kreis Eisleben Kreis Gräfenhainichen Halle (Saale) Kreis Hettstedt Kreis Hohenmölsen Kreis Köthen Kreis Merseburg Kreis Naumburg Kreis Nebra Kreis Quedlinburg Kreis Querfurt Kreis Roßlau Saalkreis Kreis Sangerhausen Kreis Weißenfels Kreis Wittenberg Kreis Zeitz Kreis Altenburg Kreis Borna Kreis Delitzsch Kreis Döbeln Kreis Eilenburg Kreis Geithain Kreis Grimma Kreis Leipzig-Land Leipzig Kreis Oschatz Kreis Schmölln Kreis Torgau Kreis Wurzen Kreis Bautzen Kreis Bischofswerda Kreis Dippoldiswalde Kreis Dresden-Land Dresden Kreis Freital Kreis Görlitz-Land Görlitz Kreis Großenhain Kreis Kamenz Kreis Löbau Kreis Meißen Kreis Niesky Kreis Pirna Kreis Riesa Kreis Sebnitz Kreis Zittau Kreis Annaberg Kreis Aue Kreis Auerbach Kreis Brand-Erbisdorf Kreis Flöha Kreis Freiberg Kreis Glauchau Kreis Hainichen Kreis Hohenstein-Ernstthal Kreis Karl-Marx-Stadt-Land Karl-Marx-Stadt Kreis Klingenthal Kreis Marienberg Kreis Oelsnitz Kreis Plauen-Land Plauen Kreis Reichenbach Kreis Rochlitz Kreis Schwarzenberg Kreis Stollberg Kreis Werdau Kreis Zschopau Kreis Zwickau-Land Zwickau Kreis Eisenberg Kreis Gera-Land Gera Kreis Greiz Kreis Jena-Land Jena Kreis Lobenstein Kreis Pößneck Kreis Rudolstadt Kreis Saalfeld Kreis Schleiz Kreis Stadtroda Kreis Zeulenroda Kreis Apolda Kreis Arnstadt Kreis Eisenach Kreis Erfurt-Land Erfurt Kreis Gotha Kreis Heiligenstadt Kreis Langensalza Kreis Mühlhausen Kreis Nordhausen Kreis Sömmerda Kreis Sondershausen Kreis Weimar-Land Weimar Kreis Worbis Kreis Bad Salzungen Kreis Hildburghausen Kreis Ilmenau Kreis Meiningen Kreis Neuhaus am Rennweg Kreis Schmalkalden Kreis Sonneberg Kreis Suhl-Land Suhl Ost-Berlin Volksrepublik Polen Tschechoslowakei Berlin (West) Deutschland Dänemarkmap
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The Dresden-Land district was a district in the Dresden district of the GDR . From 1990 to 1995 it existed as the district of Dresden in the Free State of Saxony . Today his area is in the districts of Bautzen and Meißen as well as in the independent city of Dresden . The seat of the district administration was in Dresden.



In terms of nature, the Dresden region extends north of the Lusatian Fault. The western Lusatian hills and mountains are located on the highlands , but a small part of the (climatically favored) Dresden Elbe valley (around Radebeul) also belongs to the Dresden region. The Radebeul area is known for the distinctive Loessnitz slopes , where wine has been cultivated for a long time. The Moritzburg small peaks landscape , which is unique in Central Europe, is also remarkable . The north and east of the district is predominantly flat, undulating agricultural land at an altitude of around 200 m. The Moritzburg pond landscape stands out from this in the northwest , an extensive forest area with numerous artificially created fish ponds.

In the north, the district covers the southern edge of the Radeburg Heath. The region is mainly used for agriculture, it is characterized by open, wide highlands with individual moist valleys and field trees. But from the area around Pulsnitz - Großröhrsdorf - Arnsdorf , the forest areas increase and you notice the transition to the western foreland of the Lusatian mountains . The largest flowing water is the Große Röder .

Neighboring areas

The district of Dresden-Land bordered clockwise in the north, beginning with the districts of Großenhain , Kamenz , Bischofswerda , Sebnitz , Pirna , Dresden , Freital and Meißen .


A forerunner of this circle was the Amtshauptmannschaft Dresden formed at the beginning of the 19th century , from which the city of Dresden was spun off in 1874 and from then on existed as an exemte (district-free) city. In 1939, when the German municipal code came into force, the official administration was renamed to a district and the internal administrative structures were harmonized across the whole of Germany.

From 1945 to 1950, the Dresden city area was considerably enlarged at the expense of the old district area. With the district reform on July 25, 1952, the new districts Freital (33 communities) and Dresden-Land (52 communities) were created in the area of ​​the old district (with 88 communities), with the area around Radeburg from the district of Großenhain in favor of Dresden-Land was detached. From then on, the Dresden-Land district formed a collar circle around the city of Dresden, bordered by Dresden's west, north and east. The Dresden-Land district thus covered 357 km² and had 112,900 inhabitants.

The communities of Kleinröhrsdorf and Leppersdorf finally moved from the Altkreis to the Bischofswerda district , while Steinbach came to the Meißen district . The last two municipalities mentioned came back to the Dresden district a year ago.

The new Dresden-Land district thus consisted of the following 54 municipalities when it was founded:

  • the 52 municipalities of the old district of Dresden :
Old Franconia, Arnsdorf b. Dresden, Bärnsdorf, Bärwalde, Berbisdorf, Borsberg, Boxdorf, Brabschütz, Cossebaude, Cunnersdorf b. Helfenberg, Friedewald, Gohlis, Gompitz, Gönnsdorf, Großdittmannsdorf, Großerkmannsdorf, Grünberg, Hermsdorf b. Dresden, Kleinerkmannsdorf, Kleinwolmsdorf, Langebrück, Leuteritz, Liegau-Augustusbad, Lomnitz, Malschendorf, Marsdorf, Medingen, Mobschatz, Moritzburg, Niederwartha, Oberwartha, Ockerwitz, Ottendorf-Okrilla, Pappritz, Radeberg, Radebeul, Radeburg, Reichenberg, Reitzendorf, Rockau, Schönborn, Schönfeld b. Dresden, Schullwitz, Seifersdorf b. Radeberg, Ullersdorf, Unkersdorf, Volkersdorf, Wachau, Wallroda, Weißig b. Dresden, Weixdorf and Zaschendorf.
Eschdorf and Fischbach.

Due to changes in the area of ​​the municipality, incorporations and reclassifications across district boundaries , the number of communities fell to 26 when the district was dissolved at the end of 1995:

  • December 4, 1952 Leppersdorf was reclassified from the Bischofswerda district to the Dresden district
  • December 4, 1952 Steinbach is reclassified from the Meißen district to the Dresden district
  • January 1, 1965 Marsdorf is incorporated into Weixdorf
  • July 1, 1965 Reitzendorf and Zaschendorf are incorporated into Schönfeld
  • March 6, 1970 incorporation of Kleinerkmannsdorf into Großerkmannsdorf
  • March 6, 1970 Leuteritz is incorporated into Cossebaude
  • January 1st 1974 incorporation of Bärwalde into the city of Radeburg
  • April 1st, 1974 Gohlis and Niederwartha are incorporated in Cossebaude
  • April 1st 1974 incorporation of Kleinwolmsdorf in Arnsdorf b. Dresden
  • April 1, 1974 Unkersdorf incorporated into Gompitz
  • April 1st, 1993 incorporation of Ockerwitz in Gompitz
  • January 1st, 1994 Boxdorf and Friedewald climatic health resort incorporated in Reichenberg
  • January 1, 1994 incorporation of Grünberg b. Radeberg in Ottendorf-Okrilla
  • January 1st, 1994 incorporation of Oberwartha into Cossebaude
  • January 1, 1994 Leppersdorf and Seifersdorf b. Radeberg in Wachau b. Radeberg
  • January 1, 1994 Borsberg, Cunnersdorf, Eschdorf, Gönnsdorf, Pappritz, Rockau, Schönfeld, Schullwitz and Weißig merged to form Schönfeld-Weißig
  • March 1, 1994 Incorporation of Brabschütz in Mobschatz
  • March 1, 1994 Incorporation of Malschendorf into Schönfeld-Weißig
  • March 1, 1994 Merger of Bärnsdorf, Berbisdorf and the health resort Volkersdorf to Promnitztal
  • April 1, 1995 incorporation of Liegau-Augustusbad into Radeberg

District of Dresden

Basic data (as of 1995)
Existing period: 1990-1995
State : Saxony
Administrative region : Dresden
Administrative headquarters : Dresden
Residents: 0 (Jan. 1, 1900)
License plate : DD (1991-1995)
Circle key : 14 2 94
Circle structure: 26 municipalities
Location of the district of Dresden in Saxony
Landkreis Delitzsch Leipzig Plauen Hoyerswerda Landkreis Leipziger Land Muldentalkreis Landkreis Torgau-Oschatz Landkreis Döbeln Landkreis Riesa-Großenhain Landkreis Meißen Dresden Landkreis Kamenz Niederschlesischer Oberlausitzkreis Görlitz Landkreis Löbau-Zittau Landkreis Bautzen Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz Weißeritzkreis Landkreis Freiberg Landkreis Mittweida Mittlerer Erzgebirgskreis Landkreis Annaberg Chemnitz Landkreis Stollberg Landkreis Aue-Schwarzenberg Landkreis Chemnitzer Land Zwickau Vogtlandkreis Landkreis Zwickauer Landmap
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On May 17, 1990, the Dresden-Land district was renamed the Dresden district. In the course of the Saxon district reform in 1994 , the district took legal action against the planned reorganization of the district area. However, the Saxon Higher Administrative Court rejected the lawsuit in 1995. On January 1, 1996, the district was dissolved and in parts (from west to east) the district of Meißen (until February 28, 1997 called the district of Meißen-Radebeul ), the district of Kamenz (until March 31, 1996 with the name District Westlausitz-Dresdner Land ), and assigned to the District of Saxon Switzerland . The latter part, the former community of Schönfeld-Weißig , was incorporated into the city of Dresden on January 1, 1999, as were some other communities in the former Dresden-Land district.

District court Dresden-Land

For each of the five Dresden city districts as well as the Dresden-Land district, a district court was responsible as the initial instance of ordinary jurisdiction. The Dresden District Court was superordinate to them.

In 1952, the Dresden-Land District Court took over the tasks of the Dresden , Freital , Kamenz and Meißen district courts . It existed until June 30, 1990, after which the Dresden-Mitte District Court, now the Dresden District Court , took over responsibility for all five city districts and the district and handed them over to the re-established Dresden District Court on December 31, 1992.


District administrators

Economy and Transport

The economic centers of the district are the industrial cities of Radebeul in the Dresden and Radeberg agglomeration , Radeburg is another industrial center in the district. The area around Radeburg is used more for agricultural purposes.

The best-known brands are Radeberger beer , RAFENA television sets and radio relay technology from Radeberg, sparkling wine from the Schloss Wackerbarth state vineyard and the printing machine manufacturer Koenig & Bauer Planeta sheet offset in Radebeul.

The Robotron combine emerged from VEB Rafena Radeberg in 1969 - the most important resource that, after the fall of the Wall, together with the Dresden Microelectronics Center , led Infineon to settle on the city limits of Dresden and attracted other companies such as AMD , now Globalfoundries , and Qimonda .

The Dresden-Nord motorway triangle , where the A 13 motorway meets the A 4 , and Dresden Airport in the Klotzsche district on the northern city limits make the Dresden region a center of logistics for the European internal market and trade with Eastern Europe and Russia become. The leading companies here are the logistics companies Dachser and Schenker, which are active in Radeburg .

In addition, the Dresden region is connected to the high-performance railway network with the Berlin – Dresden railway and the Leipzig – Dresden railway .


Moritzburg Castle is a tourist magnet . Further tourist attractions are the narrow-gauge railway Radebeul Ost – Radeburg , the Indian museum in Radebeul , which dates back to Karl May , and the stallion parade in Moritzburg. Radeburg is Saxony's carnival stronghold and the birthplace of the Berlin milieu painter Heinrich Zille . The former estate of the Wettins , the Hoflößnitz , is home to numerous cultural and historical institutions. Significant tourist routes through the Dresden region are the Elbe Cycle Route , the Saxon Wine Route and the Baltic Sea-Saale Reservoirs long-distance hiking route.

cities and communes

The Dresden-Land district accommodated the cities of Radebeul , Radeberg and Radeburg .

Population overview of all 46 municipalities in the district that came to the re-established state of Saxony in 1990.

AGS local community Residents Area (ha) today's parish district
3rd October 1990 December 31, 1990
14022010 Old Franconia 195 187 128 Dresden Dresden
14022020 Arnsdorf b. Dresden 4,242 4.221 1,838 Arnsdorf Bautzen
14022030 Bärnsdorf 537 534 714 Radeburg Meissen
14022050 Berbisdorf 855 848 806 Radeburg Meissen
14022060 Borsberg 139 138 116 Dresden Dresden
14022070 Boxing village 1,377 1,375 374 Moritzburg Meissen
14022080 Brabuetz 460 470 701 Dresden Dresden
14022090 Cossebaude 4,200 4.172 812 Dresden Dresden
14022100 Cunnersdorf 207 203 162 Dresden Dresden
14022110 Eschdorf 624 624 1,161 Dresden Dresden
14022120 Fischbach 768 766 1,111 Arnsdorf Bautzen
14022130 Friedewald, climatic health resort 833 831 327 Moritzburg Meissen
14022140 Gönnsdorf 271 273 115 Dresden Dresden
14022160 Gompitz 1,044 1,036 1,026 Dresden Dresden
14022170 Großdittmannsdorf 593 590 945 Radeburg Meissen
14022180 Großerkmannsdorf 1,260 1,262 742 Radeberg Bautzen
14022190 Grünberg b. Radeberg 467 471 490 Ottendorf-Okrilla Bautzen
14022200 Hermsdorf 1.406 1.406 468 Ottendorf-Okrilla Bautzen
14022230 Langebrück 3,055 3,020 696 Dresden Dresden
14022240 Leppersdorf 853 854 732 Wachau Bautzen
14022260 Liegau-Augustusbad 1,575 1,580 320 Radeberg Bautzen
14022270 Lomnitz 1,013 1.011 952 Wachau Bautzen
14022280 Malschendorf 252 249 205 Dresden Dresden
14022290 Medingen 1,188 1,180 526 Ottendorf-Okrilla Bautzen
14022300 Mob sweetheart 568 564 152 Dresden Dresden
14022310 Moritzburg 2,046 2,040 2,409 Moritzburg Meissen
14022330 Oberwartha 310 309 204 Dresden Dresden
14022340 Ocher joke 235 235 147 Dresden Dresden
14022350 Ottendorf-Okrilla 5,496 5,463 1.104 Ottendorf-Okrilla Bautzen
14022360 Cardboard box 557 557 149 Dresden Dresden
14022370 Radeberg , city 14,671 14,648 1,590 Radeberg Bautzen
14022380 Radebeul , city 31.207 31,115 2,599 Radebeul Meissen
14022390 Radeburg , city 5,052 5,020 2,371 Radeburg Meissen
14022400 Reichenberg 1,316 1.310 760 Moritzburg Meissen
14022410 Rockau 339 340 298 Dresden Dresden
14022420 Schönborn b. Radeberg 426 363 516 Dresden Dresden
14022430 Schönfeld 1,182 1,177 734 Dresden Dresden
14022440 Schullwitz 437 436 475 Dresden Dresden
14022450 Seifersdorf b. Radeberg 614 602 840 Wachau Bautzen
14022460 Steinbach 539 540 784 Moritzburg Meissen
14022470 Ullersdorf b. Radeberg 607 602 321 Radeberg Bautzen
14022490 Volkersdorf, health resort 475 479 564 Radeburg Meissen
14022500 Wachau b. Radeberg 1,323 1,325 1,283 Wachau Bautzen
14022510 Wallroda 528 523 631 Arnsdorf Bautzen
14022520 Whitish 1,753 1,745 704 Dresden Dresden
14022530 Weixdorf 4,482 4,441 1,552 Dresden Dresden
14022000 District of Dresden 101 577 101 135 35 653 --- ---

License Plate

Motor vehicles (except motorcycles) and trailers were about 1,974 three-letter by the end of 1990 distinctive characters with the letter pairs RE , RF , RG , RH , YB , YE , YF , YG , YH , YI , YK , YR and YZ began , assigned. The last number plate series used for motorcycles was YV 00-01 to YV 99-99 .

At the beginning of 1991, the district of Dresden received the distinctive symbol DD , as did the state capital Dresden . In the district only license plates with a subsequent letter were assigned (form DD – A 1234 ).

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