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Main State Archive Dresden
Seal mark Royal Saxon Main - State Archives - Dresden

The Saxon State Archive is an authority of the Free State of Saxony that is part of the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior and is based in Dresden .


The Saxon State Archives were formed with effect from January 1, 2005 from the three independent state archives in Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz as well as the branch in Freiberg. At the same time, the archival department was spun off from the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior and renamed the “Central Tasks, Principle” area.

Until 2007 the authority was divided into four departments

By organizational decree of the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior of October 10, 2007, the company was restructured into five departments

  1. Central tasks / principle - including Section 13: Archive Center Hubertusburg (central workshop for the preservation of archive and library material as well as audiovisual media in Wermsdorf )
  2. Main State Archive Dresden
  3. Chemnitz State Archives
  4. State Archive Leipzig - including Section 33: German Central Office for Genealogy
  5. Freiberg mountain archive

The Bautzen State Branch Archive , which has been merged with the Bautzen City Archive since 2000 to form the Bautzen archive network, has a special position within the Saxon State Archive.


After its establishment, the headquarters of the Saxon State Archives were initially the main building of the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior , Wilhelm-Buck-Str. 2. The State Archives then moved into new rooms in the former student dormitory at Wilhelm-Buck-Str, which was converted into a ministerial building by the architects Schulz + Uhlemann. 4. Since the completion of the renovation of the Main State Archives in Dresden , the Saxon State Archives have their headquarters at Archivstrasse 14 in the administration building of the Main State Archives.


The first director of the Saxon State Archives was Jürgen Rainer Wolf , who served as director from October 10, 2007 until his retirement in October 2011. Since December 2011 the archive has been managed by the director Andrea Wettmann .


The Saxon State Archives publish the free publication Sächsisches Archivblatt twice a year .

The series of publications of the Saxon State Archives appears on a commission with the Mitteldeutscher Verlag , divided into the series A: archive directories, editions and specialist articles; B: Small writings, C: Exhibition catalogs and D: Digital publications structured.

In addition, the archive presents online finding aids and inventory overviews of the individual departments on its Internet portal.

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