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As Schnösel (in the 19th century probably for the word range snot , schnäuzen is in terms of "brat" formed) colloquially a (young) arrogant man, a stupid naughty boy called. This type is described as conceited and vain , but at the same time satiated and indifferent. There is a conceptual relationship to the snob , who emphasizes his status and luxury consumption more than the snob , as well as to the fashion fanatic or dandy who are focused on lifestyle and fashion .

Historically, snob types can often be found in comedies , operettas or pranks . In German film z. B. the young Heinz Rühmann represented many snobbies, u. a. in The Three from the Gas Station , The Detours of the Beautiful Karl , Quax, the Bruchpilot and Die Feuerzangenbowle , although these snobbies always undergo a refinement and character improvement in the course of the film's plot.


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