Schneppe (clothing)

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Particularly long waist-bow on a dress from the 17th century.

Various pieces of clothing that taper to a point are called Schneppe or Schnippe (related to beak ).

These include B. Waistenschneppen , so downward-pointing tips in the front center of dress tops and lace- ups that make the waist appear narrower, as v. a. in the 17th - 19th Century were common, as well as tapering parts of women's hoods of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Woman from Augsburg with Schneppenhaube, 1730s
The Schneppenhauben , which in Dutch paintings of the 17th century. and in costume books of the 18th century. documented for southern Germany (e.g. Augsburg, Strasbourg, Salzburg) are characterized by three tapering runners that reach from above into the forehead or from the sides into the cheeks. Depending on the region and time, the Schneppen seem to be cut to the edge of the hood or worn as an extra part like a headband under the hood. In some areas of Prussia and Saxony, the hooded schnapps was worn in mourning until the 19th century.
Laszlo - Queen Olga of Greece.jpg
Queen widow Olga of Greece (1914) with widow's fly
The Witwenschneppe until now mainly of women from evangelical families in the high nobility worn at funerals (while the Catholic a black lace veil prefer). According to the courtly dress code of the 19th century, the black widowsneppe made as a cap (often with a gauze veil attached) was reserved for such class ladies.

Individual evidence

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