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A pregnancy conflict counseling (also: pregnancy conflict counseling, SKB) is according to German law acc. Section 219 of the Criminal Code is required so that an abortion can be carried out without penalty . Individual legal regulations on pregnancy conflict counseling in Germany can be found in the Law on Avoiding and Managing Pregnancy Conflicts . In order for a counseling certificate to be issued, the counseling center must have state approval, which is usually granted by the state's Ministry of Social Affairs . The Federal Constitutional Court also demands that conflict counseling must be organizationally separated from the clinics in which abortions are carried out so that no inadmissible amalgamation of counseling and financial interest is possible.


Pregnancy conflict counseling includes:

Pregnancy counseling and pregnancy conflict counseling centers also provide more comprehensive advice on legal claims with regard to maternity protection , parental leave , questions about the compatibility of family and work and the situation of single parents , childcare , school, vocational training and studies, problems after an abortion or childbirth as well on contraceptive methods , family planning and sexuality . Under certain circumstances, they can also provide financial support (e.g. from a foundation fund, such as the foundation fund “Help for Women and Families”) or mother-child cures , father-child cures , pregnancy and mothers cures . If necessary, they refer those seeking advice to gynecologists, midwives and other specialist services. They are also partly connected to related projects such as the prevention project “Baby thinking time”.

Church situation

A strict attitude of the Roman Catholic Church is documented in the papal letter from Pope John Paul II to the German bishops on church pregnancy counseling of January 11, 1998.

In response to this, the Catholic association Donum Vitae was founded in 1999 .

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