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The See- Berufsgenossenschaft (See-BG for short), based in Hamburg, was part of the marine social insurance until December 31, 2009 and primarily the carrier of the statutory accident insurance for workers employed in the shipping industry. On January 1, 2010, it merged with the trade association for vehicle maintenance to form the trade association for transport and traffic management (BG Verkehr).

Shipping company

The following maritime institutions are responsible for BG Verkehr:

  • Cargo and passenger ships under the German flag
  • Large deep-sea fishing vessels / small deep-sea and coastal fishing vessels under the German flag
  • Rescue and diving
  • Shipowners' associations
  • Ship Brokers and their Associations
  • Land operations of shipping companies
  • Pilot brotherhoods and pilot company associations
  • Company for vocational training in seafaring
  • Association of Canal Controllers
  • self-employed traders, such as B. Canteen tenants, hairdressers and booksellers who employ workers on board German ships

Ship safety department

BG Verkehr is not only responsible for accident insurance, but also takes on state tasks in the areas of ship safety, marine environmental protection, maritime labor law and maritime medicine with its Ship Safety Unit. The ship safety department is based in Hamburg and emerged on January 1, 2010 from the former ship safety department of the See-Berufsgenossenschaft.

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