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A SkyCam HD on a football broadcast in the USA .
The camera is attached to several ropes.

A cable camera (also known as a spidercam ) enables a film or television camera attached to a camera trolley to be moved along tensioned cables by remote control .

This differs from a Skycam or Spidercam, which is controlled centrally by a cameraman and a camera pilot via wire ropes and moved by motors and can thus cover a limited stadium or hall .

Structure and principle of operation

A movie or television camera is attached to the underside of a camera cart. Usually, a stabilized camera head is also used, on the one hand to avoid blurring of the recordings and on the other hand, in addition to moving the camera carriage, also to be able to move the camera itself. With the help of tensioned ropes, which are usually attached to cranes, the camera trolley can now be moved. Depending on the structure of the system, the possibilities for movement range from trips along an axis, e.g. B. a horizontal ride, up to three-dimensional freedom of movement. The system is basically controlled remotely from the ground, with the camera and camera trolley being operated separately. The image is transmitted by radio or fiber optic cables processed in the guide ropes .

Application examples

  • Ich bin Kuba (1964): A notable example of the early use of a rope camera system is the opening scene of the film, in which the camera moves across a hotel, over a crowd and finally down into a swimming pool. For this purpose, the camera was not hung on ropes, as one might assume, but several cameramen who were pulled along the ropes and passed the camera on and on.
  • Resident Evil (2002): The final shot shows the protagonistloadinga pump gun . The camera moves up and away from her and reveals a view of the extinct city.
  • Troy (2004): The long journeys across the battlefield were realized with a two-dimensional cable camera system.
  • Germany is looking for the superstar (since 2004): In the motto shows, which are broadcast live, a cable camera is used that can fly over the entire studio.
  • Several Spidercams were used at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing .
  • At the annual summer edition of “ Wetten, dass ..? “In the Coliseo Balear bullring in Palma de Mallorca, a rope camera was used to fly over the entire arena.

Manufacturer of cable camera systems


  • CableCam (USA, from 1989)
  • CAMCAT (Austria, developed in 1995)
  • Spidercam (Germany and Austria)

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