Seminar for training and further education of teachers Karlsruhe (grammar schools)

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Seminar building in Karlsruhe

The seminar for training and advanced training of teachers in Karlsruhe (grammar schools) is a state seminar for teacher training in Karlsruhe and was founded in 1928 as a pedagogical seminar. It is one of the oldest seminars for teacher training in Baden-Württemberg. Future teachers for grammar schools are trained at the seminar . The seminar is subordinate to the Ministry of Culture of Baden-Württemberg .


The seminar was founded in 1928 on the initiative of Karl Ott , a committed school director and educator, by the Baden Ministry of Education and Culture. After its foundation, it was housed at the Bismarck-Gymnasium Karlsruhe until after the Second World War . After the end of the war, it first moved to the premises of the Helmholtz Gymnasium , then to the Karlsruhe Pedagogical Institute , until it moved into the former embassy building of the State of Prussia in Baden, where it is still housed today.


In close cooperation with the 50 high schools in the region, around 300 referendaries are trained here every year . In addition, accompanying events are offered for 200–250 student teachers during the practical semester.

In a one and a half year training course, 80 instructors are responsible for training future high school teachers in specialist didactics , in pedagogy and psychology, school law, multimedia and other areas.

As a didactic center, the seminar also performs a wide range of tasks: The seminar participates in teacher training and counseling, in school development and the development of new concepts in teacher training.

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