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Sai Setthathirath I. (also Xai Xettatirat, Chai Chetthatirat; full throne name Somdet Brhat-Anya Chao Udaya Buvana Brhat Jaya Setha Maharajadiraja Buvanadi Adipati Sri Sadhana Kanayudha , * January 24, 1534 as Jaya Setha Varman (Setthavong under circumstances ); disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1571 Mueang Ong-Kan) was king of Lan Chang and Lan Na between 1548 and 1571 .

Sai Setthathirath was the son of King Phothisarath I and his wife, Queen Yudhi Karma Devi (Yot Kam Tip). He was trained at court and given the title of Maha Upayuvaraja as crown prince . He was elected as King of Lan Na by the local nobles after the death of his maternal grandfather, where he was proclaimed king on June 18, 1546 after his arrival in Chiang Mai . The coronation took place on July 2nd of the same year. He left Chiang Mai on August 8, 1548 after learning of his father's death in Luang Phrabang (Sawa). He brought the Emerald Buddha (Phra Kaeo) to the capital of Lan Chang. There he received the expressions of loyalty from his brothers. In 1550 he was crowned king as Brhat Upayabudhana Buwana Brhat Jayadipada Sri Sadhana Kanayudha . But before that, a civil war broke out in Lan Na and after three years of chaos in Lan Na he gave thanks before May 21, 1551 in favor of Phra Nang Chiraprapha Mahadevi . However, the State Council refused to approve his election and chose another king. Therefore, Sai Setthathirat sent an army to Lan Na in 1555, was able to conquer Chiang Saen , but further progress was denied him.

In 1560 Sai Setthathirat moved from Luang Prabang to the new capital Vientiane , where he built the great Phat That Luang in 1568. In 1563, 1568 and 1569 he had to withstand attacks from Bago , the Burmese power center at the time.

As was customary at the time, Sai Setthathirat was married to several women at the same time. a. With

  1. Chaofa Nying Dharmadevi (Ton Tip), daughter of his maternal grandfather (Chiang Mai on July 14, 1546)
  2. Chaofa Nying Dharmakami (Ton Kam), daughter of his maternal grandfather (Chiang Mai on July 14, 1546)
  3. Chaofa Nying Devisra Kshatriyi (Tepsakatri), daughter of the king of Ayutthaya Maha Chakrapat ( Nong Han 1563)

Sai Setthathirath I died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances at Mueang Ong Kan in 1571. He left a son and a daughter:

  • Chaofa Nu Mueang Kaeva Kumara ( No Keo Kuman ), who succeeded him to the throne
  • Chaofa Nying Khau Pheng

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