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Shady Habash ( Arabic شادي حبش, DMG Šādī Ḥabaš ; * August 21, 1995 in Egypt ; † May 1, 2020 in Cairo ) was an Egyptian filmmaker .


Shady Habash is best known as the director of the music video Balaha by the singer Ramy Essam , who lives in exile in Sweden. In the video, Egypt's head of state as-Sisi is criticized. In March 2018, after the video was released, Habash was arrested on charges of spreading false information and belonging to an "illegal organization". He died in Tura prison in Cairo.

There is no reliable information on the cause of Shady Habash's death. According to his lawyer, Habash's health has recently deteriorated; psychologically he was also in bad shape. The Arab Human Rights Information Network (ANHRI) believes that Habash's death was the result of negligence and a lack of justice. The authors' association PEN America spoke of a "devastating blow" for artistic freedom.

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