Shaker Publishing House

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Shaker Publishing House
legal form GmbH
founding 1986
Seat Düren
management Chaled shaker
Branch Self-publishing platform

The Shaker Verlag , based in Düren is a scientific publisher . The subsidiary Shaker Media GmbH also offers authors with other content, such as B. fiction , a publication option that is similar to the model of book-on-demand service providers or self-publishing platforms .

Business models

Shaker Publishing House

The company was founded in 1986 under the name "Shaker Verlag" by Chaled Shaker. It is dedicated to scientific publications , mainly monographs and dissertations . The company specialized relatively early on in digital printing for the production of small editions of books for a niche audience. In 2010 over 20,000 works were available, both as a book and as a PDF file, which is offered for immediate download.

Shaker offers, among other things, the placement of freelance proofreaders, editors or graphic artists if an author does not make use of this, he has to take care of the correction, editing and the creation of a "ready-to-print, ready-to-set template" himself. A price calculation, in order to calculate the amount of the printing subsidy for a title , among other things , can only be carried out "after registering in the author's account". The only free services on the part of Shaker Verlag are: allocation of an ISBN, entry in the directory of available books (VlB) and the possible distribution of a title to assortment and online bookshops.

In addition, numerous series of publications (institute series, research results as well as conference and conference proceedings of European events and conferences) are published in the company.

Shaker Media GmbH

In 2007 the subsidiary Shaker Media GmbH was founded in Herzogenrath, which, in contrast to the parent company, focuses on the general book market. As with other book-on-demand service providers or self-publishing platforms , anyone can upload a finished book at no additional cost. However, according to its own statement, the company demands a certain quality standard from the authors in order to increase the "sales opportunities". If this quality standard is not met, the company will point out fee-based service providers to improve the quality of a book title.


For several years Shaker was accused of aggressive marketing , such as B. to send unsolicited emails and post to authors.

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