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The Directory of Deliverable Books (VLB) is a catalog of the German book trade that contains over 2.5 million German-language and partly also foreign-language titles with bibliographical information from more than 21,000 publishers. The directory also contains CD-ROMs , audio books , calendars , maps and magazines and other bookstore items.

The VLB already lists available titles that have been published by publishers or self- published when they are announced. Titles that have been removed from the publisher's program and are therefore no longer available (so-called "out of print") will be removed from the directory.

A prerequisite for the fee-based inclusion of a title in the VLB is an ISBN with which the reference address of the book is also recorded. Books can be registered online in the VLB. Book titles registered with the VLB usually also include the German National Bibliography of the German National Library , which has been linked in its catalog since the end of 2005 to determine whether a book is still available.

The directory of available books has been published since 1971. Until 2003/2004, it was published annually before the Frankfurt Book Fair as a printed work in lexicon format , most recently with 12 volumes of around 1700 thin pages each , and a smaller supplement in the following spring. Since 2004 it has only been released in digital form on CD and since 2002 also online. The publisher is MVB Marketing- und Verlagsservice des Buchhandels GmbH, a company of the branch association Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels GmbH .

Since May 2006, the MVB has provided all publishers that report to the VLB with extended online access. This should enable publishers to view the data from the perspective of the bookseller. You can also use it to enter additional multimedia information (cover, back, interior views, reading samples, audio and video samples, etc.). In addition, the data can be exported in various formats, including ONIX , for the company's own information systems .

Since October 2007, the VLB and the “ full text search online ” have merged into one product.


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