Seven liner

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A seven Zeiler (also septet ) is in the Verslehre a seven verses existing Strophen- or a poem . Specific forms that should be mentioned are the Rhyme royal in English and the Seguidilla in Spanish literature.


Rhyme scheme aabcccb:

Cante una chata de Provènça.
Dins leis amors de sa jovènça,
A travès de la Crau, vèrs la mar, dins lei blats,
Umble escolan dah grand Omèra,
Ieu la vòle seguir. Come èra
Rèn qu'una chata de la tèrra,
En fòra de la Crau se n'es gaire parlat
(Frédéric Mistral, Mirèio)

Rhyme scheme ababbcc (Rhyme royal):

Look westward o'er the steaming rain-washed slopes,
Now satisfied with sunshine, and behold
Those lustrous clouds, as glorious as our hopes,
Softened with feathery fleece of downy gold,
In all fantastic, huddled shapes uprolled,
Floating like dreams, and melting silently,
In the blue upper regions of pure sky.
(Emma Lazarus, Longing)

Rhyme scheme ababbaa:

This is a spray the Bird clung to,
Making it blossom with pleasure,
Ere the high tree-top she jump to,
Fit for her nest and her treasure.
Oh, what a hope beyond measure
What the poor spray's, which the flying feet hung to,
So to be singled out, built in, and sung to!
(Robert Browning, Misconceptions)

Rhyming scheme abbaacc:

Sneaked to Dionys the tyrant
Damon, the dagger in the robe:
The captors beat him in gang,
“What did you want with the dagger? speak! "
The angry replies darkly.
"Free the city from the tyrant!"
"You should regret that on the cross."
(Friedrich Schiller, The Guarantee)


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