Siegfried Eberhardt

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Siegfried Eberhardt (born March 19, 1883 in Frankfurt am Main , † June 29, 1960 in Zwickau ) was a German violinist.

He was the son of the violin teacher and concert master Goby Eberhardt ( Johann Jakob Eberhardt ; 1853-1926), a student of Friedrich Wilhelm Dietz and August Wilhelmj . Siegfried Eberhardt himself was a student of Bernhard Dessau and Arrigo Serato at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin , where he taught from 1908 to 1935. From 1933 to 1935 he was director of the conservatory. In 1935 he was dismissed, and in 1936 he was excluded from the Reichsmusik- und Reichsschrifttumskammer.

In 1945 he founded the University of Theater and Music, Halle (Saale), as well as the Robert Schumann Academy in Zwickau .

Siegfried Eberhardt was the author of several books, including "The body in form and inhibition", "Rise or fall of the violin playing". He observed the virtuosity of the late 19th century ( Joseph Joachim , Eugène Ysaÿe , Pablo de Sarasate , August Wilhelmj, Willy Burmester and others) and described their playing style in a Goethean way. His meeting with Franz von Vecsey (1893–1935), who dealt with Eberhardt's writings on the philosophy of the violin and recognized them as valuable, should be emphasized .

Individual evidence

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