Siemens CX75

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The Benq Siemens CX75 is a GSM - mobile phone with an integrated digital camera, taking photos with up can shoot 1280 × 1024 pixels and as a further feature 3gp - Videos can accommodate up to 176 × 144 pixels. The maximum length of the recorded videos is 1:31 minutes, since the working memory will probably be full, even if there is still free memory.

The links for the two soft-key buttons, the joystick pages and the number buttons can be set individually.

The CX75 supports RS-MMC memory cards with up to 1024 MB. The slot is located above the connection for the power supply / data cable and is protected with a snap lock. For data exchange, the CX75 not only has connection options for serial or USB cables via infrared and Bluetooth interfaces, but also sending via MMS or e-mail.

The cell phone also has an MP3 player by default. It plays MP3, AAC , MIDI and WAV files. It is characterized by good reproduction of the highs, soft mid-tones and a deep bass, since the included earphones are of relatively good quality. Music playlists can be compiled individually. In addition, the player supports various skins, which can also be downloaded for free.

Furthermore, the mobile phone is characterized by a Photo Key and a Music Key , which enable quick access to the music functions .

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
Radio network GSM Triband 900/1800/1900 mmMHz
SAR value (radiation) 600 mmmW / kg
Dimensions 112 × 48 × 19 mm
volume 90 cc
Weight 98 g
Storage 8,300 kB = 8 GB
Display TFT, 132 × 176  pixels , 262,144 colors (18bit)
operating system Siemens-specific / 75 series OS
Interfaces Bluetooth , IrDA , USB , RS-MMC slot (memory cards up to 1 GB)
battery pack Lithium-ion with 750–820 mAh, running time approx. 250 h
camera 1.3 megapixel
images up to 1280 × 1024  pixels , compressed to 80–250 kB (Ø 200 kB).
Videos (MPEG-4, 3gp, H.263) up to 176 × 144 pixels (QCIF) at 15 fps
particularities MP3 player, AMR audio recorder, sync software

Siemens M75

The Siemens M75 is the outdoor version of this model series. It has the same range of functions as the CX75, but has a robust housing and is splash-proof.