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Sigurður Hlöðvisson (Norwegian Sigurd Lodvesson ) (* around 960; † 1014 ) was Jarl of Orkney from 991 to 1014 .

He was the son of Hlodvir Thorfinnsson, whom he succeeded as Jarl of Orkney when he died in 991 . He was a major power factor north of Scotland. He was married to Plantula, daughter of King Malcolm II of Scotland . Their son was Thorfinn Sigurdsson the Mighty, Jarl of Caithness .

Sigurður Hlöðvisson is mentioned in the Orkneyinga saga , the Njáls saga , in Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla and in other medieval writings. According to the Njáls saga, King Sigtrygg of Dublin asked him for support against the Irish High King Brian Boru . According to the Njáls saga and according to Irish sources from the 12th century, Sigurður complied and this enterprise ended in 1014 in the lost battle of Clontarf near Dublin, in which Sigurður fell.

The Heimskringla reports that Harald Hårfagre († 933) demanded 60 marks in gold from the residents of the Orkneys as a fine, whereupon the then Jarl Einar stepped in and received all of the residents' goods. All the Jarls owned all the land on the Orkneys until Jarl Sigurður returned the goods to the farmers.

Jarl Sigurður also mentions the Icelandic Gunnlaugr Ormstungas saga about the skald Gunnlaugr ormstunga Illugason . She reports that he traveled from Ireland to the Orkneys and spent a winter with the Jarl before he went on to Sweden.

According to the Orkneyinga saga, Olav Tryggvason forced Jarl Sigurður to be baptized. According to the same saga, he had three other sons by concubines, Sumarliði, Brúsi and Einar, who divided up the islands after their father's death.

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