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Basic data

developer Michael Friese
Publishing year 2015
Current  version 0.14.3
operating system Windows , Linux
programming language Go
License Proprietary
German speaking Yes

The SinusBot is a program to stream audio (music, radio) on the one hand via a TeamSpeak client to a TeamSpeak server, but also on a Discord server. The bot can either be rented from a provider or hosted on its own server. As a private user, the self-hosted version is available for Windows and Linux for a maximum of 2 instances . A license for other instances can be requested using a form in the SinusBot forum.



The control takes place either through the user interface provided by SinusBot which by default on TCP - Port listening 8087th This means that it can be operated via a browser. In addition, the bot can be controlled via chat commands. For example via the TeamSpeak 3 client.

The user interface is protected with access data in the form of a user name and password. In the first pre-release versions, “foobar” was the default password. Since the pre-release version, a random password is created when the program is started for the first time.

Additional users can be created via the user interface and assigned different roles (rights for different functions).

Streaming music

The SinusBot offers users the opportunity to upload, download and stream their own music . Via its web interface, users can select music for uploading at the push of a button, download it via a link or save a stream link from, for example, radios.

A desired track can be played by double-clicking in the web interface or with a command (! Play <uuid / name>,! Stream <url>) via a chat message.


Since the pre-release version 0.9.10 may scripts to be installed. These expand the SinusBot and enable more convenience for users.

The programming language is JavaScript . But even without knowledge of JavaScript, users do not have to do without the script function - many users make their own scripts available to the public in the Internet forum.

SinusBot changed the script engine with the pre-release version 0.9.15. Scripts with the old engine will still work, but should be updated as soon as possible, as the old engine will be removed in later releases.

There is an installation script for Linux distributions that automatically installs the latest TeamSpeak 3 client version as well as the SinusBot itself and optionally the YT downloader. In addition, users also offer their own Sinusbot installer scripts.

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