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Softie (of English. Soft , soft) is a frequently stereotyped and derogatory term for a man who is not a classic image of masculinity has equal but characteristics or behaviors that traditional roles rather than attributes of femininity apply. Softie is the opposite of macho .


The Anglicism Softie has been used in German-speaking countries since the 1970s. This is mainly used to describe men who do not have or reject characteristics ascribed to men such as hardness, strength or severity. In addition, people are also referred to as softies , who are considered sensitive, indulgent , and moderate.

Likewise, musicians or actors who take on such roles are often considered softies : Hugh Grant , for example , often embodies characters who correspond to this cliché , for example in Four Weddings and a Death or in Notting Hill .

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The term Softie or Softi is also used as a product name for hygiene articles, baked goods and sweets.

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