Soral (lichen)

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So-called lip sensorals in Hypogymnia physodes
Parmelia sulcata , the crack-like formations on the surface are so-called fissure sensors

Soral (plural: Sorale ) is a term from lichen science (lichenology).

Sorals are cracks on the thallus surface of lichens that are used for vegetative reproduction (lichens are symbioses of algae and fungus ). Through them in lichens interior formed are soredia (Singular: Soredium ) discharged to the outside. These propagation units are diaspores and usually correspond to a small ball (appears granular or floury under a magnifying glass), which consists of fungal hyphae that envelop the cells of the algae partner. From the z. B. Soredia spread by rain, wind or animals can grow new lichens on a suitable surface.

Depending on the appearance of the Soral, different forms are distinguished, e.g. B. "Lippensoral" (as in Physcia tenella or Hypogymnia physodes ), "Bortensoral" (as in the common lung lichen ( Lobaria pulmonaria )), "Helmsoral" (as in Physcia adscendens ) or "Spaltensoral".

Other organs of distribution found in lichens are:

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