Spiridon (barrel magazine)

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Running magazine SPIRIDON

description German monthly magazine
publishing company SPIRIDON Verlags GmbH
First edition 1974
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 19,000 printed copies, 17,000 copies sold, 9,500 subscriptions
Editor-in-chief Manfred Steffny
editor Manfred Steffny
Web link Laufmagazin-spiridon.de

Spiridon is a running magazine founded in December 1974, which was soon the first monthly running magazine in the German- speaking area. Spiridon was founded by the Waldniel running doctor Ernst van Aaken and the marathon runner and sports journalist Manfred Steffny, who has been editor and publisher of the paper since the first issue.

The namesake is Spyridon Louis , the first Olympic marathon champion in Athens in 1896, who was also a beginner. This should emphasize the range of SPIRIDON . The first magazine called Spiridon was founded in Switzerland in 1972 by Noel Tamini and appeared in French, but no longer exists. Every two months, already in its 25th year, the Portuguese magazine Spiridon appears under the leadership of Mario Machado.

In Italy , an information sheet of the same name is published sporadically by Giors Oneto from Florence . Based on the magazines, numerous Spiridon clubs have been founded, mostly regional in Switzerland and France, and local associations in Germany. The largest pure running club is Spiridon Frankfurt .

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