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Sports courts are organizations set up by associations and clubs to deal with and sanction violations of rules against sports law in the individual sports they organize . So these are not public courts , but private arbitration tribunals .


Many sporting umbrella organizations, such as B. the German Football Association (DFB) or the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB), operate sports courts, which are responsible for processing notifications, criminal cases and sporting disputes.

The sports courts are often divided into jurisdiction classes: District Sports Chamber, District Sports Chamber, Association Sports Chamber and Supreme Sports Court at the organizational level, or in areas of responsibility, such as B. Youth Sports Courts.


Sports courts often consist of a chairman and two or more assessors. Here, they do not belong to the administration of justice in the public sense and must therefore not Jura have studied or even on the qualification for a judge have. Rather, it is people who are interested in sports and who are experienced, who are appointed by the sponsors of the sports courts (umbrella organizations). In practice, however, lawyers are often active on both sides, both on the side of the sports court and on the side of those involved (e.g. the clubs).


Sports courts pronounce club or person-related penalties. These range from admonitions for athletes to fines, player and club bans, the withdrawal of goals and points, as well as transfer to other game classes or activity bans for club officials. The statutes and regulations as well as the rules of the respective umbrella organization remain as the only legal basis. The basis for the judgment are the rules, statutes and ordinances drawn up by the associations, which every association registered as a member of an umbrella organization must adhere to.

Sports courts ensure regular gaming and sports operations and the necessary fairness in the respective gaming establishments. You are responsible for all organized clubs and associations.

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