Languages ​​of the Torres Strait

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In addition to English , the languages ​​of the Torres Strait , a strait between Australia and New Guinea , include four other idioms .

Most widespread Torres Strait Creole , a form of pidgin English , which is the lingua franca of the indigenous population of Torres Strait .

The language of the eastern group of the Torres Strait Islands around Murray Island is Meriam . This belongs to the family of the Eastern Trans-Fly languages which has its origin in the Western Province of New Guinea.

Kala Kaiwau Ya is spoken in the Upper Western Islands just a few miles off the coast of New Guinea, while Kalaw Lugaw Ya is the vernacular of the Lower Western Islands. The latter two belong to Pama-Nyungan , a language family of the Australian Aborigines .

English itself tends to have the status of an educational language and is not used by the native residents even when communicating with one another.