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Chanting is chanting approximated to speaking, or speaking approximated to singing .

In a broader sense, any mixed form can be viewed as spoken song, for example the babbling parlando or the recitative in opera and cantata . Likewise, for example, the psalmody in liturgical chant or the reproach in the Alps .

Spoken singing in the narrower sense, however, requires a strong separation between singing and spoken literature, as it has only existed since modern times. The ancient poetry , even the performance of the epic , was still understood as song. - Modern spoken chanting assumes that there is a lyric that is not sung.

This chant as an artistic means of expression appeared at the end of the 19th century, first in the first version of Humperdinck's royal children . It stands between song or opera singing and melodrama , which is often recited in verse to music. Chanting is often related to an innovative musical notation . Musical parameters are imposed on the speaking voice, such as a rhythm or more or less exact pitches. Arnold Schönberg ( Gurre-Lieder , Pierrot Lunaire ) or Alban Berg ( Wozzeck ) have called for a very precisely notated type of spoken song in their vocal works. In the avant-garde music of the 20th century, there are numerous variants of the chant.

In modern popular music, spoken singing occurs primarily in hip-hop and rap , related forms are toasting and raggamuffin . In the new modern freestyle rap , the previously learned rhythmic chant is directly adapted to the beat of any piece of music. This requires a high degree of a specially developed breathing technique, which can be compared with gasping . This form of breathing technique is particularly popular with text passages where z. B. A syllable or word is missing, and an upright posture is preferable to a standing or lying posture.

Many chansonniers resp. Songwriters incorporate spoken passages into their songs. Such passages also found their way into the Oberkrainer style and popular hits . Another variant is a spoken monologue , which is accompanied by a simple melody.

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