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Freestyle rap is a form of rap in which the lyrics are freely improvised.


In freestyle, the rhyming texts are thought out directly, i.e. freely improvised. A special feature is that every freestyle is unique because the texts are not written down. The speed in freestyle is variable and depends on the instrumental beat , which is either produced live, selected by a DJ or comes from another source such as a music player. But you can also freestyle without accompanying music, i.e. a cappella . Some MCs tell whole stories in a freestyle.

Freestyle rap is sometimes performed solo in front of an audience, but mostly in a cypher (see hip-hop jargon ) or in a rap battle . Cyphers are informal gatherings of artists who perform their parts one after the other or alternately. They don't always aim to find the best, so they're reminiscent of jam sessions . Cyphers usually take place in public spaces and are then distributed via multimedia.

In battle rap there are mostly freestyle rounds in which people compete against each other. However, this depends on the respective rules.

A rapper's reputation rises when he has forgotten his text during a performance ("choken") and can recite content-wise, creative and rhythmically clean freestyle lines offhand. It is inevitable that prefabricated texts are issued as freestyle.


The longest uninterrupted freestyle to date comes from the Spanish rapper Arkano in 2016. He rapped on Madrid's Puerta del Sol for 24 hours and 34 minutes and received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for it .

Well-known German-speaking representatives

David P. , Blumentopf , MC Rene , Spax , Samy Deluxe , Prinz Porno , Gauner , Raptile , Fard , Karate Andi , Gozpel , MOK , Kay One , Rako

Other well-known freestylers

Bandit , Eminem , Sage Francis , D12 , Doseone , Freestyle Fellowship ( Aceyalone ), Citral , Zack de la Rocha

Individual evidence

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