Arrogance of class

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Class arrogance describes the specific arrogance of a class towards other classes that are considered 'lower'.


Originally, the term was used to criticize the so-called befitting behavior and the attendant attitudes of parts of the nobility . This criticism was based, for example, on etiquette , condescending behavior and the practice of not marrying below one's class ( cf. homogamy ).

Although even today there is talk of aristocracy in connection with the nobility , the term today describes more professional arrogance or class thinking .

Arrogance of class as a topic in literature

The arrogance of class is a main motif in numerous novels and dramas, for example in Friedrich Schiller's "bourgeois tragedy" Kabale und Liebe from 1784. In the 19th century, the subject of arrogance runs through E. Marlitt's work like a red thread.

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