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The star step or pivot is a body movement that is used in various sports, such as basketball , ultimate or korfball .

The player takes one or more steps with one foot while the other foot does not change its position. With a star step, the player does not change his position or only changes it slightly, but can turn around his vertical axis. In the sports mentioned above, the star step is important because the number of steps with the sports equipment (ball or frisbee) in the hand is limited (in basketball: two). Moving just one foot does not count as a step in the sense of locomotion and can therefore be repeated as often as required as long as the stand is not lifted.

Without the sports rules to include the star step but also in sports such as table tennis and badminton utilized in non-return game to take the required central position with serve and return the other side. In doubles , the variable position taking opens up tactical variants with the help of the star step, in particular the service- return (see, among others, service (table tennis) and service (badminton) ).

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