Stingray (airplane)

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The Stingray is a mixture of zeppelin and airplane modeled after the stingray , which uses the flying wing principle - similar to the stealth bomber Northrop B-2 of the USA . At the same time, the Stingray is the first pneumatic airplane in the world. It is being developed by the Swiss company Prospective Concepts AG .


The wing is made of plastic and is inflatable. In the prototype , the wing weighs only 80 kg , is 2.20 m thick and has a span of 13 m. The whole aircraft is 9,40 m long. Under the wing there is a cabin with space for two people, the motor and the controls. The takeoff weight is around 1 ton. The prototype completed over 300 flights between 1995 and 2000. He reached a speed of 130 km / h and an altitude of 500 m.


A stingray that can transport 12 people is planned as the destination. Instead of an airfield , the copy of the skate needs a catapult to take off.

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