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Coordinates: 59 ° 59 ′ 46 ″  N , 5 ° 5 ′ 53 ″  E

use Road bridge
Convicted Fylkesvei 151
Crossing of Stolmasund
place Austevoll
construction Prestressed concrete girder bridge
overall length 467 m
width 9 m
Number of openings 3
Longest span 301 m
Clear height 20 m
opening November 14, 1998
Stolmabrua (Vestland)

The Stolmabrua ( German  "Stolma Bridge" ) is the most widely spanned prestressed concrete girder bridge in the world with a span of 301 m . The road bridge opened to traffic in 1998 is in Norway, around 50 km south of Bergen . It spans the Stolmasund and connects the islands of Stolmen and Selbjørn .


The 467 m long and 9.0 m wide prestressed concrete structure has three bridge spans. The spans are 94 m on the shore of Selbjørn and 72 m on the shore of Stolmen. The main opening spans 301 m and was cantilevered . The bridge cross-section consists of a 7.0 m wide box girder, the height of which varies between 3.5 m in the middle of the bridge and 15.0 m above the pillars. To reduce the weight of the superstructure, lightweight concrete of strength class LC 60 with a density of 1.94 kg / dm³ was used over a length of 184 m in the middle of the main opening . The marginal fields, which are relatively short in relation to the main span, are also ballasted with gravel.


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