Stor Grabb

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Stor Grabb ( German: Big Boy ) is a Swedish award in sport .

The so-called Stora Grabbars Märke is awarded to athletes who have achieved a certain number of points in their sport. This number of points is determined depending on the type of sport. As a rule, points are awarded for international matches or appearances in the national league, and participation in international tournaments such as the Olympic Games , World Championships or European Championships brings additional points.

Known in Sweden are above all the awards in sports bandy , ice hockey , athletics and football that are practiced or followed with interest by large parts of the population , but the title is also awarded by other sports such as diving or mini golf .

The introduction of the honor goes back to an initiative of the Swedish athlete Bo Ekelund . Swedish men have been honored since 1928, and since 1989 there has also been a corresponding award under the title Stor Tjej for women, who accordingly receive the Stora Tjejers Märke .


Some athletes manage to be awarded in several sports. Sven Bergqvist and Hans Mild , for example, have been honored in both ice hockey and football.

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