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Warning (Saxony)
Organ penal order block of the Federal Police Directorate Vienna , cover sheet
In Finland, parking tickets are always tied up in a bag that is protected from the elements.

Under speeding ticket or Bußzettel , buses List (Swiss) is colloquially various understands offense proceedings due to a fee-paying caution as reprisal for misconduct in the behavior of the road user .


Due to the framework decision 2005/214 / JHA regarding the mutual recognition of fines and fines, parking tickets can in principle be enforced across the EU. However, implementation and implementation has so far been different from one country to another.

The statute of limitations in accordance with Section 26 (3) of the StVG for administrative offenses under Section 24 of the StVG is three months “ as long as neither a notice of fines has been issued nor a public complaint has been filed for the act, then six months. “If the deadline is interrupted by one of the reasons for interruption specified in Section 33 OWiG, then it begins anew according to Paragraph 3 Clause 1. The paragraph also regulates in Paragraph 3 Clause 2 that the final statute of limitations occurs after two years. According to § 36 OwiG , enforceability extends to five years if there is a notice of over € 1000.00. If the sum is less than this, the penalty is three years.

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